Merry Christmas from Rome!


Merry Christmas from Rome!

Christmas this year is very different for us. Traveling presents challenges for traditions as well as presenting opportunity for trying new things. We were able to find a small Christmas tree at a local market and decorate the camper with a few well chosen items. Turned on the Christmas music and – viola! It’s like many other holidays before. Being in Rome for Christmas gave us the opportunity to go to midnight mass at the Vatican, something I never thought of doing but Madison said we absolutely had to go. So we figured it out and went. We had a great time and now are enjoying a relaxing Christmas day, playing with some new toys, laughing with each other, and preparing our Christmas meal.

Merry Christmas!


Midnight mass at the Vatican.


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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you! I am so enjoying following your adventures! Reading about Pompeii brought me right back to my time in the Purples with Noah and Madison. So glad you are sharing your travels with us. Happy New Year too!

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